Can We Have More of “Catch A Healthy Habit”?

Can We Have More of  “Catch A Healthy Habit”?


Catch a Healthy Habit is a destination spot. People (my family included) travel to this cafe from 30+ miles away to savor delicious healthy organic food and drinks. On a regular basis, my husband Scott and I drive 25 minutes to the cafe to pick up some raw vegan desserts for a special occasion and drive 25 minutes back. This is how good the food is at Catch a Healthy Habit!


Recently, I stopped by the cafe to grab lunch and a green juice and talk to Glen and Lisa, the founders of this amazing spot in Fairfield County, Connecticut, which is about two hours north of NYC. Glen and Lisa are the co-owners of the cafe, which they opened in 2008. They met while studying to become certified health coaches at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Together they began their lifelong journey of spreading the important message about health and nutrition. What they eventually built is much more than a cafe which serves organic, raw, delicious vegan food. They built an incredible one of a kind community gathering spot which became the source of knowledge sharing, education, and awareness.
catch a healthy habit

Lisa and Glen

If you have a question about the benefits of turmeric, if you are not sure what to do when you have a cold or allergy, if you just got pregnant and want to get the best nutrition, then Catch a Healthy Habit is your spot. Not only Glen and Lisa, but the staff too are all incredibly knowledgeable. They are all very passionate about spreading the message about the connection between health and food. In fact, if one doesn’t know the difference between zucchini and cucumber, they have very small chances of being hired onto the team. But if you come to Catch a Healthy Habit and ask this question, you will be probably receive a full nutritional breakdown and benefits of both vegetables!
On a regular basis, Glen and Lisa invite prominent speakers to talk to the community such as David Wolfe, Kris Carr, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Dr. Gabriel Cousens, among others. They share their knowledge about the benefits of plant based diets, the side effects of sugar and dairy, the importance of drinking high quality water and other crucial topics of health and well-being. All these events and talks happen right inside the cafe and anyone is welcome to attend.

organic raw brownie

Raw Vegan Brownies at CAHH


The knowledge sharing does not stop beyond the walls of the café. In his spare time, Glen coaches a High School cross country team, and he is very passionate about teaching his athletes the benefits of nutritious foods and the detrimental impact of sugar. In fact, if you were part of Glen’s team, you would not drink anything but water during the practice. You would also be told about the harmful effects of radiation from your cell phone and advised not to place it next to you while sleeping. This kind of information is making a great difference on the well-being of these student athletes. Even if they don’t fully embrace the messages at this stage, it will be retained in their minds for recall later on in life.
I am truly thankful that Catch a Healthy Habit exists in our extended community. To me, this cafe is a safe haven where I know I can trust the quality of the ingredients 100%. I can also be sure that everything was prepared with utmost love and under the caring supervision of Lisa and Glen. I look forward to the day when there will be more places like this cafe spread around our country and the world.

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